Historical HAEE Grants

Over the past 25 years the HAEE has granted nearly $1 million to the Hampton Township School District (HTSD). Over the years we have been able to provide the following enrichment programs, technology and equipment to students:

High School

  • Collaborative Learning Center (including technology & furniture)
  • Nearpod Classroom Licenses and 10 iPads
  • CNC Router
  • Library Production Room
  • Cadaver Demo
  • USB Typewriter Keyboard
  • Young Playwrights Program
  • Composting Program
  • Skylight iPhone Microscope Adaptors & Electronic Balance
  • 10 iPod Touch Devices

Middle School

  • Voces On-Line Spanish Curriculum
  • Live Video Conferencing for Middle School to learn about Ancient Egypt & Geologic Time
  • CNC Router
  • 3D Printer
  • Literary Arts Magazine
  • LEAP Program
  • Girl Scout STEM Workshop
  • Trebuchet Kits
  • Weather Tracker
  • Watershed Awareness Program
  • Computer Lab Renovation
  • eBook Collection
  • “Savvy Cinderella” Program – girls spent two months learning the art of storytelling from Joan Wolf Schenker. Then they performed their stories for elementary students as well as a public performance at the Hampton Community Library.

Elementary Schools

  • Flexible seating (Wyland)
  • Sphero SPRK Robots (Central)
  • Bee-Bots (All)
  • Makey-Makeys (All)
  • Puzzlets (All)
  • Osmo Kits (All)
  • Snowshoes (Poff – Physical Education)
  • 30 iPod Touches, Cases, Sensors and Apps (Wyland Physical Education)
  • 12 iPads and Storia Books for (Wyland)
  • Spooner Boards (All)
  • 6 Apple TVs, adapters and protection plan (Poff)
  • Raz Kids Subscription (Poff & Wyland)
  • Funding of a storyteller to visit during “Read Across America” (Central)
  • Education City
  • Family Battle of the Books
  • Rocket Project

Previous Grants in Action

Hampton Middle School Students go on E field Trip:

Have you ever explored West and Central Africa? Students at Hampton Middle School have. Throughout the month of February 2011, students in Mrs. Pillar’s 7th grade history classes took a cultural journey throughout West and Central Africa by using an e field trip program through Born 2 Movement Adventures. The students experienced dancing, drumming, singing and storytelling that serve as primary forms of cultural expression and community connection throughout the Region. Participation in this program brought the curriculum to life and made it more meaningful to the students.

Did you Hear the One About…?

On March 2, 2011, in conjunction with Read Across America Day, storyteller Heather Burtch visited Central Elementary to present storytelling programs and workshops to the students. Students in grades k-5 were entertained with stories on a wide variety of topics. During these interactive sessions, students were encouraged to participate in the developments of the storyline, stimulating both their imagination and mental visualization skills. The HAEE funded this program in response to a grant request submitted by Vickie Zaccari, library media specialist at Central Elementary.

Middle School Courtyard Classroom:

Provided funding to Eagle Scout candidate Trevor Kyle that transformed MS courtyard into a multi-purpose outdoor classroom. According to Dr Stennett, HMS Principal, the outdoor classroom has provided teachers an opportunity to meet with their students in a more relaxed atmosphere, particularly during the spring months.

Skype Session with Author:

Under the direction of Esthre Andrele and Gwen Cohen, HMS students have the opportunity to participate in a year – long reading project culminating in a Skype session with author Laurie Halse Anderson. With funds provided by HAEE, enough books were purchased so that three of the author’s titles can be read prior to the meeting with Ms. Anderson. Students will also use Flip video cameras to create a scene or character from the books which ultimately will be shared with the Author.

Crash Car Kits for 5th Grade Physics:

Mr Donald Antzcak, 5th grade Science teacher at Central Elementary, requested a grant to purchase force/motion crash kits and cars to supplement the 5th grade science curriculum. This enrichment activity has been a tremendous success according to Mr Antzcak. Not only do the students have to construct and operate the materials, but they also have to use formulas to calculate velocity, distance, and time. The students really have the opportunity to see the math/science connection.

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