Grant Application

Please read the following prior to submitting an application for HAEE funding

The HAEE is actively seeking projects that challenge the imagination and involve the students in new and innovative ways. The HAEE is especially looking for grants that:

  • Enrich the classroom curriculum in a new and innovative way
  • Can be integrated and funded by existing curriculum following a “demonstration” period of funding
  • Show originality and creativity
  • Have an impact on the greatest number of students across several of the Hampton schools

We encourage requests that are not normally funded through the school operating budget or by the parent organizations.

Listed below are some of the requests that HAEE would typically reject:

  • New or replacement equipment and or supplies
  • Programs/items that have already been implemented at any of the schools in HTSD
  • Individual student projects or travel expenses
  • Field trips
  • Teacher training or salary
  • Teacher trips
  • Compensation to staff members for time spent preparing a project
  • Pay for a substitute teacher
  • Reimbursement for money spent on projects or purchases that have taken place

The Grant Committee evaluates requests in four general categories applying roughly equal weight among the criteria:

  1. Project Innovation and Creativity
  2. Clarity of Objectives
  3. Educational Enrichment and Student Benefit
  4. Cost Effectiveness

If a grant is awarded, the recipient will be asked to submit an evaluation with pictures and possibly video of the funded program/project so that we may promote the program/project on our website. In addition, we request that HAEE be notified of the date your program takes place or is operational so that our representative may be present to observe the grant in action. We appreciate your promotion of the grant and the HAEE to the school community as well. Positive publicity of funded grants assists the HAEE in the solicitation of additional funds from corporate sponsors of our events and fundraisers – by far the largest source of our funds.

Funds awarded by HAEE must be utilized within two years from the date of written notification. After two years, any funds not disbursed revert to our General Account unless written application is made to extend the time limit for a specified additional period.

Note: Applications submitted by non-School District employees require a School District Sponsor. The Sponsor provides periodic project updates to School Officials. The School Principal may assist with appointing a Sponsor.

Application Format

Proposals for grant funding should generally be submitted typewritten and should include the following information:

  • Provide the applicant’s contact information such as name, phone number, email address.
  • Provide the applicant’s relationship to the Hampton School District.
  • School and number of students to which the grant will apply.
  • Highlight the innovative and unique aspects of the proposed project and clearly state the educational purpose and the project’s objectives.
  • The outcomes or results students are expected to receive.
  • Has the proposed project been funded by an HAEE grant before? If so, include date and results.
  • How does the proposed project enhance the current curriculum?  How does it benefit the students of the school?
  • State whether you will be working jointly with anyone to complete this project.
  • Describe how can the effectiveness of the proposed project be evaluated?
  • When will the proposed project begin and end?
  • Include a breakdown of expenses.  Will you be seeking matching funds?
  • How do you plan to make the school community aware of the grant?
  • It’s expected that you will provide digital pictures of the Grant in action. If this is not the case, please indicate your reasoning.
  • Any additional Information you would like considered.
Application Submission

Use the link below to view the application in Google Drive. To make the application an editable version for you to fill out and submit, just click on “File” -> “Make a Copy” to save it to your Google Drive, or “File” -> “Download As” to save it locally on your computer in several popular editable formats. Any trouble or questions, please feel free to contact us.

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